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Stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression with customers with a custom business card. Design your own business cards or use one of the thousands of designs you find here, or even use your LinkedIn profile to automatically create your original business card in seconds. 

Rusty Horseshoe on Wooden Wall Rural Business Card

A card (on the left) for rustic rural cottage industries or those working with farms  and animals, depicting an old horseshoe with red rust on its surface. The horseshoe hangs on an old wall of aging silver knotted wooden planks. The horseshoe is also a symbol of luck. May luck be with you.  This card is a popular seller at Zazzle. Easy to customize and personalize on back and front

Paper Styles and Sizes

Business card types at Zazzle - standard, signature, premium

Business cards come in three sizes  

  • Standard, 3.5" x 2.0"
  • Mini, 3.0" x 1.0"
  • Mighty, 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Square, 2.5" x 2.5"
  • Euro, 3.345" x 2.165"
  • Oceania, 3.54" x 2.165"

All business cards are made in the USA, with full color printing on both sides.  There is no charge for printing on both sides. 

Paper Types

Standard - Classic while still being economical; ideal for all your basic needs

  • Standard Semi-Gloss - produces crisp, vibrant images with exceptional color and detail - 16 pt 150 lb/ 400 GSM
  • Standard Matte A classic - an all around paper with a natural feel and an uncoated matte finish - 17.5 pt, 120 lb / 324 GSM

Signature - The most durable and versatile papers

  • Signature UV Matte - An upgrade from the Standard Semi-Gloss, Signature UV Matte features a thicker and stiffer paper coated with a protective finish that can be written on - 18 pt 325 GSM
  • Signature UV Gloss - Especially ideal for photography and graphic art, the Signature UV Gloss features a protective veneer that promises unparalleled detail and bold colors - 18 pt 325 GSM
  • Signature Cream - A traditional, off-white paper with a creamy smooth finish, our Signature Cream is ideal for any occasion. Colors print softer, adding a subtle, luxurious effect to any design - 16 pt 130 lb / 352 GSM

Premium - For a truly unique and luxurious finish that creates a lasting impression

  • Premium Silk - Featuring a matte silk laminated stock, Premium Silk offers the most sophisticated and unique finish for modern designs. Soft to touch with a velvet-like texture, it's both water and tear resistant - 21 pt 325 GSM
  • Premium Linen - features a soft and textured crosshatched finish, much like woven fabric. Finely crafted with intricate detail, this paper is an exquisite backdrop for your designs with quality that you can feel - 16 pt 130 lb / 352 GSM
  • Premium Pearl - Imported from Italy, printed in the USA, Premium Pearl features a smooth and shimmering paper with a subtle sheen of soft colors. Highlight your next event or special occasion with this lustrous and elegant paper - 16 pt 130 lb / 350 GSM
  • Premium Thick - Premium Thick is the ultimate canvas to add drama and distinction. The added weight combined with an ultra soft finish exemplifies quality, perfect for a high-end presentation - 32 pt 240 lb / 650 GSM

Corner Style 

  • Normal
  • Rounded corners (not available on all card types)

*Premium Colored Papers (Kraft, Grey, Black) - Information available later.


If your job, profession or occupation is not shown in these categories then browse our Jumbo List of Business Cards page.


Create Your Own Business Card

Click on the image for all types of business card and start creating your own today at low cost.

Animal Themed Business Cards

Ideal for pet carers, vets, and more specialized animal themed occupations.

Click on the image for these cards


Lawyers, Attorneys and  The Legal Profession Business Card Templates

Customizable templates for use by lawyers, attorneys and those in the legal and paralegal professions


CPA, Accountant and Finance

Fully customizable business card templates for the certified accountant and others in financial services.


Vintners, Wine Merchants, Breweries, Pubs and Bartenders

Ideal professional cards for those in the hospitality business - vintners, vineyard estates and those in the wine, beer and liquor industries, in manufacturing or retailing.


Bakeries and the Catering Profession Business Card Templates

Cooks, Chefs, Catering Professionals, Restaurants and Coffee Shops.
And Cupcake designers too.

Computing and Technology Business Card Templates

Ideal for computer programmers, IT support personnel, managers, graphic designers and web page design gurus to promote their genius.

Beauty and Cosmetics Business Card and Appointment Card Templates

Fully customizable templates for those who work with improving the personal appearance of others - beauticians, cosmetologist, massage therapists and those involved in hair styling, skin care and pedicure.


Construction and Crafts Business Card Templates

For those in crafts and construction, a range of business card templates with a materials theme - wood, metal, natural and synthetic fibres and fabrics. Many occupations such as metalworkers, carpenters, and home repair are catered for. 


Sports and Fitness, and Personal Life Skills Coaching Business Card Templates

Card templates with a sports theme for sportsmen and women, coaches, trainers and instructors, and those in the business of providing goods and services to the sports and leisure industry. 


Music and Performing Arts Themed Business Card Templates

If you are a solo musician, or in a band, a music teacher, a promoter or just a fan of music,  you'll find a wide range of business card sized cards  to suit your lifestyle. The collection extends to the performing arts - dance and media, so even aspiring movie directors will find something of value here.



Photographer Business Card Templates 

A range of themed business cards for photographers. All fully customizable for your profession. This section includes a wide selection of ATC/ACEO cards that you can customize and purchase. 

Realtor, Property and Estate Agent Business Card Templates

Choose and customize a business card template to suit your profession as a real estate agent. You have a house for sale? Put it on a business card to inform and impress buyers. 


Religious, Spiritual and Motivational Business Card Templates

Choose a business card templates with religious and motivational themes;  Christianity, Judaism, Buddhist and Islamic faiths, meditational and motivational themes. Includes cards with biblical quotations and motivational messages.


Business Cards for Automobile Industry, Taxi and Limo Services

Customizable business card templates for automotive services: sales, repair, towing and recovery, sports and racing, bus and coach services, taxi and limo drivers, and vintage automobiles


Medical and Healthcare Business Card Templates 

Business card templates for nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and others in the healthcare professions. 


Travel and Tourism Business Card Templates 

Customizable business cards for travel agents, tour operators, flight and cruise service providers 


Fashion and Style Business Card Templates 

A collection of elegant business card templates with fashionable themes for your business:   fashion, damask, zebra stripes, colorful rainbows and vintage themes to add a touch of class


Table Place Cards For Weddings and Formal Events

We include the use of business cards as table place cards for weddings and other formal events. With a large a diverse range of design themes at Zazzle we've added these as innovative uses of standard and chubby business card templates.


Wedding Planner and Event Planner Business Cards 

Business cards for wedding planners, event planners and party planners. Add the personal touch to weddings and events that you organize with a custom business card to reflect your professional approach to event planning.

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Popular Cards at Digital Dreams


audio music cassette tape business card

Audio Music Cassette Tape Business Card

Business cards featuring the image of an audio music cassette tape from the days before digital recording. 

5 Star Customer Review by Debi W.
Luved the cards and so did all my customers. 


grass growing, simple lines and rays of sun on orange business cards by Zazzleprofilecards

Browse And Buy From The Most Popular Business Cards At ZazzleProfileCards

real estate, accountant and photography business cards

More Professional Business Cards

Have You Designed and Ordered Business Cards at Zazzle Before?

Zazzle are updating their business cards product  line. New features include upgraded paper types and more sizes. The chart below summarizes the main differences between the old card types, which you may be more familiar with, and the new styles.

Compare old style business card types with the new styles at Zazzle

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