Two Spiral Galaxies Colliding on a standard mousepad at Zazzle

Standard Mousepad 

Decorate your desk with your favorite image or choose from thousands of designs that look great and protect your mouse from scratches and debris. The standard mousepad measures 9.25" x 7.75",  perfect for any desk or work space. The durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant. The mousepad has a non-slip backing.

Two Spiral Galaxies Colliding on a Standard Mousepad

Early Birds Catch The Best Worms, a gel mousepad with a huge wooden bird and a worm in its beak.

Gel Mousepads

Decorate your home or office with a custom oval shaped mousepad with an ergonomic gel-pad wrist support and non-skid black plastic base. Each mousepad measures 9 1/8" x 10 1/4"

Early Birds Catch The Best Worms on A Gel Mousepad

Our Business Strategy mousepads are designed to help your business prosper through informing key personnel of corporate missions through the use of marketing tools to improve your competitiveness - LogFrame Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Boston Matrix and Ansoff Matrix.


retro camera movie clapperboard and saxophones mousepad

Add The Personal Touch To Gift Giving - Customize A Mousepad

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dinosaur on a bike in the sky with moon and vintage baseball mousepad

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Popular Gel Mousepads

Gel mousepads with a beautiful illustrated pheasant, a romantic beach with sea and waves, and a collection of green parrots

More Gel Mousepads

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Business Strategy Mousepads 

This LogFrame Matrix on a mousepad is a tool for planning and managing projects

LogFrame Matrix Mousepad

A LogFrame Matrix is a tool for planning and managing projects.  It is also often referred to  as Logical Framework Analysis, or LFA. The matrix or table presents the key elements of a project in a systematic way,  allowing progress towards project goals to be clearly monitored and reported at key stages of implementation.  

Many Aid Agencies require a LogFrame to be used in proposals for donor funding, so it's important for project managers, NGOs, stakeholders, beneficiaries,  and other organizations involved in international development work to be familiar with its structure and content.

Customize your project's LFA on a mousepad with :

Goals - the result to which the project contributes, the impact of the project.
Purpose - the effect that occurs if the project outputs are achieved.
Outputs - the intended results at specific stages during the project's life cycle. 
Activities - The tasks required to produce the required outputs

Indicators - Measurable indicators of progress.
Evidence - Information or data to verify indicators.
Assumptions & Risks - Factors external to the project that project management cannot control.

SWOT Analysis on Mousepad

A SWOT Analysis is used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a business or project. the findings are presented on a matrix or grid. 

Ensure you and your key staff are frequently reminded of your company's position in the market place with this attractive mouse pad. It's fully customizable to show your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the marketplace as a frequent daily reminder to those with company management responsibility.  

Strengths - Your competitive advantages - factors that help you sell more - your unique assets,resources and expertise - Your reputation

Weaknesses - Lack of expertise or resources - what your competitors are doing better, your service

Opportunities - changes in lifestyles, - technological developments - business environment - political initiatives

Threats - threats posed by your competitors - hanges in technology - changes in government policy - financial threats, bad debts, cash flow

Customize your corporate mousepads with your company's Boston Matrix

Boston Matrix on a Mousepad

The Boston Matrix is a convenient method for analyzing your company's product range into four categories according to their market share and growth rate. Customize your corporate mousepads with your company's Boston Matrix

Stars are your high flyer products with high market share and high growth rate.

Cash Cows also have a high market share but their growth rate is low.

 Question Marks are characterized by high growth rate, but have low market share.

 Dogs are those products with low market share and a corresponding low growth rate.

Our Ansoff Product Growth Matrix on a mousepad is a convenient tool for product and market growth and the appropriate strategies for dealing with new and existing products in new and existing markets.

Ansoff Product Market Growth Matrix Mousepad

The Ansoff Matrix is a convenient tool for analyzing product and market growth and the appropriate strategies for dealing with new and existing products in new and existing markets.

Market Penetration concerns strategies for growth of existing products in existing markets by, for example,  increasing existing customer use.

Market Development focuses on expanding existing products into new markets and the strategies to accomplish it,  such as dealing with issues of distribution and pricing.

Product Development relates to developing new products for existing markets. Skills development and technical issues are two of the issues that can play a part in developing an appropriate strategy for product development.

Diversification concerns expanding into new markets with new products. Appropriate business strategies must focus on the risks of diversification into unfamiliar territory.

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