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Express your creativity and create your own custom stickers, or customize and buy from thousands of images at Zazzle. It's an ideal low cost solution to getting any message across. Stickers are great for brand promotion, special mailings, and scrapbooking. Choose from several shapes and sizes -  Round, Heart, Square, Triangle, Oval, Rectangle and Star shapes.  

Baggage Name Tag Sticker

If you travel a lot you'll know that finding your suitcase on a baggage reclaim belt can be slow and risky when most of the luggage looks exactly like yours. Make sure you can easily spot your suitcase amongst dozens of look-a-likes with this visible label and that nobody can walk off with it by accident.

This brightly colored label, sold in sheets, shows a suitcase in white on a bright background color of your choice. The text template provided allows you to pre-print your name. Add in travel itinerary in hand on each sticker as you use it.

Stickers are sold in sheets. The prices shown below and on the product page are per sheet of stickers.  The number of stickers per sheet depends upon size and shape - check the product page for the number of stickers you get for the price shown. Discount is available for bulk orders.


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Black Vinyl Music Library Record Label Stickers

Stickers to keep track of your collection of CDs DVDs and Vinyl LP Albums or your library of books with this fully customizable sticker that you can personalize.

The labels feature a circular gramophone record to use as a label for all music in your library or collection of music. It looks like a vinyl or phonograph record from the era of the record player notable from the terminology - 33rpm, 45 rpm or 78rpm, long and medium play, mono, stereo and quadrophonic quality.

The disk's surface is black with light reflected off the spiral groove and a center label in yellow and red surrounding the hole about which the record rotates.

Easy to customize with your name and your text or message. 

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triangular stickers with yellow border and heart shaped stickers with pink border

More Customizable Stickers with Color Borders

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Stickers With A Zodiac Theme - Ideal Star Signs For A Birthday

Personalize birthday gifts with a zodiac star sign sticker. All are fully customizable.

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Children's Theme Stickers

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Wedding Theme Stickers - Gift tags and Save The Date

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Funny Stickers

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International access wheelchair sticker, and twitter follow me stickers

Business Themed Stickers

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Merry Christmas Sticker, Nativity Scene with Baby Jesus, Vintage Santa Claus sticker

Christmas Themed Stickers and Stocking Fillers

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