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Here you will find links to our online tests and publications. Follow the link below to test your English language. The tests are ideal for any ESL or EFL student who needs a quick diagnostic and remedial analysis of their level of English. There are three online tests that you may take at the moment. There's one at intermediate level ( approximating to Cambridge FCE), one at advanced level (roughly equivalent to Cambridge CAE) and one at a higher level of proficiency (corresponding roughly to Cambridge CPE).

All three tests are free. When you finish a test we would like to offer you a certificate of achievement to acknowledge your accomplishment. Purchasing a certificate for a few euros, or buying something else at our store, motivates us to continue to providing these tests for free. Scroll down on this page for more information.

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Personalized Certificates of Achievement

Up to 35%  discount for bulk orders


If you are a student who has previously taken one of our online tests, or any test online, or at a school or college within the last four years then follow it up by having a certificate of achievement printed for your use. Read the information below and check out the service. It's a flexible printing on demand service that allows you to specify the level of proficiency in a subject which you are able to demonstrate.

Teachers and Schools

If you have been using our online language level tests and tests in other subjects you will know that we have offered these free of charge and hope that your students have benefited from the remedial assessment that our tests revealed.

We are now able to offer teachers, schools and colleges a certificate and diploma print on demand service that allows you to fully customize and personalize the certificates offered by your institution or organization.

With the certificate printing service you can print one certificate at a time, or in higher volumes that you may subsequently complete at your institution.

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement School College Award print

Click on the image to go to the main page where you may customize the certificate before placing your order.  You may also place your order at any of the Zazzle International Stores - just follow one of the links below :

View And Buy The Certificate At International stores - Click Your Country and Language

Certificate Customization

The Certificate Of Achievement is printed on high quality ultra heavy weight (120#) card stock with several finishes available - satin, matte or watercolor card. There are also options for framing. The Certificate shown on the order page is initially set at 15 ins x 11 ins ( 38cm x 28cm) but you may adjust the final size - it may be printed larger, or smaller ( for example, as A4 for laser printing of information from a database )

The certificate is of a professional quality with script fonts, border and artwork. In this Certificate of Achievement the certificate title and some elements are locked. If you need to specify the subject in which the certificate was awarded please refer to the next example, The Certificate in a Curriculum Subject. The Certificate of Achievement does allow extensive personalization in printing, with these features :

  1. Your choice of different fonts, sizes and font colors
  2. Name of your school, college, university, training institution or department, or organization
  3. Student's name, or leave blank for completion if a discounted bulk purchase is made for issue to students on an 'as required' basis on graduation or course completion
  4. Your words describing the competence, achievement or proficiency achieved by students
  5. Your words describing the course of study completed, program, skill or knowledge in which competence was tested and demonstrated in an examination
  6. Date on which the award was conferred and the text you can use to express it, with any other information
  7. Name or signature of the signatory, and his or her title (scanned signatures may be uploaded and placed on the certificate stationery)
  8. Placeholder for your institution's crest, logo or seal, if required; just remove the existing seal and add your own electronically scanned and scaled, or on receipt of your certificates.

Our custom certificate printing service Ideal for students, schools, colleges and requiring certificated acknowledgment of skills, knowledge and learning acquired. With discount for bulk orders smaller institutions may recover the cost of certificate printing through sales to their students.  

Please note that the responsibility for authenticity of claims made on any certificate lies with the student or school issuing the certificate. Additional material, such as results transcripts, may be required to confirm the competence and proficiency claimed by the certificate holder after its issue, as we cannot verify the veracity of certificate claims. In placing any certificate order you absolve us of any liability connected with interpretation of the certificate holder's abilities.

Certificate of Achievement for School or College Award

Certificate in a Curriculum Subject

Certificate of Subject Curriculum Award print

Click on the image to go to the page where you may customize the certificate before placing your order.

This certificate has all the benefits of the Certificate of Achievement and more. With this certificate you may change the certificate title to the curriculum your institution offers, for example, Certificate in Business Studies, Certificate in Information Technology, or Certificate in  Marketing.

You may also place your order at any of the Zazzle International Stores for this certificate - just follow one of the links below :

View And Buy The Certificate At International stores - Click Your Country and Language

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