Vehicle License Plates

Create your own printed license plate that will stand out from all the others on the road. These plates are water-resistant and appropriate for use in many US states (see product page for details). Great as a wedding gift, honeymoon couples on the road or any driver. Made with aluminum each plate measures 6" x 12" and attaches easily to a vehicle with 1" x 0.24" screws slots. (Screws not included).

create your own Vehicle vanity License Plate or as a special gift (eg wedding gift) and change font styles, sizes and colors as well as text.

Create Your Own Car Number License Plate

Use this template to design and create your own Vehicle License Plate for legal road use in over 18 states (see product page for details), or as a souvenir or special gift (eg honeymoon couple wedding gift ). 

 All the text fields are placeholders so you can remove them, and you can change font styles, sizes and colors as well as text. You can also add in images with the customize option.

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