"From Our House To Yours" - cute snowman with red bird in a tree on a beige background with falling snow on a hanging ornament for the Christmas tree

Hanging Decorative Ornaments

Deck the tree or brighten up the home with hanging ornaments for the holiday season.

Choose from hanging ceramic ornaments in various shapes and sizes, or pewter ornaments in the shape of a snowflake. 

Snowman and Red Bird

The Speak No Evil snowman with black hat and red scarf hanging ornament

Speak No Evil - Hear No Evil - See No Evil 

Three Ceramic Hanging Decorations for the Holiday Season

A set of three snowmen with their hands covering either their eyes, ears or mouth in the gesture of the See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil proverb whose origins lie in Japanese history and the three wise monkeys. Each snowman wears a black hat, has two large black eyes, an orange carrot nose and thin twigs for lips. A red and green patterned scarf is wrapped around its neck. Three gray buttons run down its large circular body. Each ceramic hanging ornament has a diameter of 2,87" and weighs 1.4 ounces.

lapland reindeer, wales dragon, snowman christmas tree

Our Collection of Hanging Decorations for the Christmas Tree

A Silver Fleur-de-lys Christmas Tree Ornament with a blue background

A Silver Fleur-de-lys Christmas Tree Hanging Ornament

This decoration features a Fleur-de-lys, a floral emblem used in coats of arms and flags in largely French speaking countries and places such as France, Spain, Luxembourg, Canada, Quebec, New Orleans, Louisiana, Florence. The emblem is also associated with the Scouting movement. The emblem here is silver with a shadow gradient.

The background color is blue but this can be changed. Fleur de Lys gifts are popular selling items at our store on Zazzle. 

Praise Him With Trumpet Sounds at Christmas

This ornament illustrates Psalms 150:3. It features a golden trumpet on dark blue with white snowflakes and the scripture 'Praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet' on one side, and a chrome harp on matching background on the back with the rest of the verse 'Praise Him with the harp and lyre'.

Ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree in a Christian home.

Christmas Ornaments With a Christian Theme

nativity manger decoration and angel with wings christmas decoration

More Christmas Tree Decorations With A Religious Theme at Zazzle

funny ornaments with a golf ball, Mom likes me best christmas ornament

Funny and Amusing Hanging Decorations

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santa claus christmas tree ornament

Christmas Tree Decorations With A Santa Claus Theme

snowmen christmas tree ornaments

Hanging Decorations With A Snowman Theme

chat noir black cat and vintage nativity christmas tree ornament

Vintage and Victorian Era Themed Decorations

soldier with christmas star, stars and stripes patriotic christmas tree ornament

Patriotic Decorations To Remember Soldiers Serving Overseas

Hanukkah Ornaments

Hanukkah peace and Menorah decorative ornaments

Decorations For Hanukkah

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