This lunchbox features three colorful butterflies on each faceplate, each butterfly in detailed coral and pastel colors. Personalize with your choice of name.

Custom Lunchboxes

Dine in style with awesome containers for your lunch.

Custom lunchboxes by Yubo at Zazzle are made with a safe, BPA-free, phthalate free, polypropylene plastic used for food containers and is completely recyclable. The lunch boxes and containers are 100% dishwasher safe (but ice pack and faceplates are not). Faceplates should be hand wiped clean. Containers are microwave safe but not recommended. 

Colorful Butterflies ~ A Girl's Personalized Lunchbox

Features and Accessories

The lunchbox dimensions are 9.8 inches wide x 6.9 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep. Each comes with a custom designed faceplate on front and back. There's a choice of 6 colors - blue, green, pink, orange, black or purple. When you order your lunchbox add one or more of the following accessories to make your lunch experience perfect :

Yubo lunchboxes - features of this fun and creative lunch experience

Large Container. A sandwich sized container that holds 3 cups (710ml) and fits snugly into the box
Small or Medium Containers in packs of two, perfect for small snack foods 
Reusable Ice Pack that keeps food cold for up to 4 hours
Drink Holder. A neoprene drink holder, in a choice of 6 colors, that attaches to the outside of the lunch box with straps 

elegant dragonfly on green faceplate lunchbox, an andes aztec pattern yubo lunchbox and cute retro groovy owls yubo lunchbox

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