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bagette coin purse, wristlet and cosmetics and makeup bags that you can personalize

Bagette Bags

Classy, elegant cosmetic bags, wristlets and purses that reflect your lifestyle.

With 9 different styles of custom purses and cosmetics bags by Bagettes at Zazzle, each one customizable, you'll be able to express your individuality when you’re off to lunch with the girls or a night out on the town. 


The large wristlets ( 8" x 5" ) with a satin fabric and interior black nylon will hold credit cards, cash, makeup and a cellphone. The smaller wristlet ( 6" x 4" ) is available in a chic micro-fiber suede as well as a satin finish. Both feature a durable black wrist strap and black zipper, keeping your essentials safe.

Personalized Cosmetics Bags

Every woman needs a place to store her favorite cosmetics, and the Bagette Cosmetic bag is just the thing! The cosmetic bag comes in two sizes and fit inside a purse or bag. The smaller bag ( 7” x 4” ) features a luxurious satin fabric exterior and black nylon interior and will hold items like lipstick, compacts, and nail polish. The larger cosmetic bag ( 8” x 5” ), finished in a sleek satin polyester or soft suede microfiber with a black nylon interior holds more but is small enough to fit inside a purse, tote, or carry-on bag.

Custom Coin Purses

Store coins, credit cards, cash and other small items in the Bagettes coin purse. Made of a smooth silky satin the coin purse features a wrist strap and attached key ring.

Your Personal Accessory Bag

From books to toiletries, the custom accessory bag is ideal for trips. Store all of your essentials in a bag made of sturdy canvas and a water-resistant canvas exterior. Perfect for outings or weekends away, this bag will stand up to wear and tear. 

The accessory bag comes in two sizes. The small 7” x 5” bag, with a handy clip-on attachment, is perfectly sized for items such as diapers, pacifiers, water bottles, and more. The larger 9” x 6” bag holds everything from e-readers, writing materials and even cell phones. It's ideal for short trips and overnight stays.  

Create your own wristlet or cosmetics bag at low cost with your photos and text

Design Your Own Low Cost Cosmetics Bag 

A Bagette Wristlet, Cosmetic Bag, Accessory Bag or Key and Coin Clutch purse that you create at low cost. Add a personal touch to your day or night lifestyle with photos of familiar faces, images and artwork, and text on a bagette accessory bag. It's easy to customize. 

cosmetic or makeup bag for ladies with an Irish heritage, colors of the flag of Ireland in green, white and orange diagonal stripes. Add the personal touch with your name on it.

Cute Green White Orange Stripes Cosmetic Bag

This cute Bagette Small Cosmetic Bag features a bright diagonal stripe in green, white and orange. A ideal gift for those with an Irish heritage as the colors are those that appear on the flag of Ireland. There's a placeholder for a name, initials or monogram. Our best selling cosmetics bag!

South Pacific Tribal Wood Carved Bagette

A fashionable and elegant Bagette bag with a touch of the exotic South Pacific featuring a cute pattern of circles, stars, waves and diamond shapes of a tribal wood carving of Fijian origin. Available in a range of wristlet, clutch and accessory bags.

hot pink zebra stripes on a cosmetics bag for girls. Add your name to it to personalize.

Cute Hot Pink Zebra Stripes Girly Cosmetic Bag 

A cool Bagette Small size Cosmetic Bag with hot pink zebra stripes on a white background on the fabric. Replace the name with your choice of name. 

Polka dots in gold and orange above and below a band of gold with your name, on this Bagettes lipstick and makeup cosmetics bag for girls.

Girly Glittery Orange Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag

An elegant Bagette Small Cosmetic Bag with a cover of polka dots in hues of glittery yellow and orange above and below a gold band with your choice of name in flowing script. 

Sliver fleur de lys flowerets pattern on a background of cornsilk. The background color can be changed.

Silver Fleur de lys Floral Cornsilk Cosmetic Bag

 Cheerleader's cosmetic and makeup bag. Show off your team spirit on days and nights out with the girls.

This Cosmetic Bag features a Fleur-de-lys, a floral emblem used in largely francophone countries and regions such as France, Canada, Quebec, and Louisiana. The design features an arrangement of silver Fleur de lis flowers in a tiled pattern on a background of cornsilk. 

Cheerleader's Night Out Cosmetic and Makeup Bag 

Show off your talent and interests in cheerleading with a bagette accessory bag. Personalize with your own name and easily change the background color to your team's colors.

argyle diamonds pattern, irish flag and ancient Greek mosaic with a bird on Bagettes makeup and cosmetic bags

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colorful elephants, girls in bikinis, on Bagette accessory and cosmetics bags

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