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You've probably arrived at this page from one of our affiliate Zazzle Gallery pages that we use to promote the work of talented designers, brand names and product makers at Zazzle. 

A Zazzle Gallery consists of pages of products in a specific store. Each product shown in the Gallery has links to individual product pages, each with a link to the product page at Zazzle dot com, and another link to more product information, designer links and links to international stores where the product may be purchased.

If you are a designer with products in any gallery and one or more of your products sells from the gallery or its product page then YOU earn the royalty fee and we, a Zazzle Affiliate, earn the referral fee. 

If you have a Zazzle store it's easy to show your product range by creating product galleries and linking to them in blogs and websites, and social media such as pinterest and twitter.
 You can create and use as many galleries as you need using our Create a Gallery  link below.  There is no charge for creating galleries;  we recover the cost from any referrals we earn from products you sell via the galleries. 


If you don't have a website to promote your Zazzle products our affiliate system is a good way to get started. Your products are organised and displayed in a way that you manage and you get royalties on sales made through the system.

We do not copy your products nor store your product data on our system; our gallery pages are generated from the public RSS data feeds provided by Zazzle, all sales and order fulfillment are carried out by Zazzle and you,  as designer,  earn royalties on sales made.

All our gallery pages are potentially crawled by search engines and many products on the pages may be indexed by search engines (subject to their rules of what constitutes a product page worthy of indexing).


If your store has 1000 products or less you'll be able to display them all in one gallery  (the Zazzle RSS feeds are limited in the maximum number of deliverable items and sometimes change). If you have more products in a store you can use more than one gallery, conveniently grouped by category with a particular design, by product or by keywords. 

The basic structure of a Gallery URL is a set of parameters, separated by a hyphen, like this :-

where :-

yourstorename = your Zazzle storename
cg = category, eg all products with your damask wedding design
dp = department, eg all your Incipio cases
pg = page number, usually 1
keywords = product tags, eg 'winter wedding'
info = information for readability and SEO

Here are some examples :-

All Products 

Filter by Category 
(Category cg=196605148537315397, info=sports)

Filter by Department 
(Department dp=252585008705651924, info=office products)

Filter by Keywords 
(All products with tags = 'black' or 'cat')

Filter by Department, Keyword (Department dp=252145500430512226 for invitations selected, then filtered by keyword tag 'wedding' and 'invitations' added to info for clarity)

Use the interactive form (link below) to automatically create your store galleries. You will be able to select store products by storename, category, department or keywords.

Create Your Store Gallery


Use the link below to check if your store gallery pages in our affiliate system have already been crawled and indexed by Google. 

Check Gallery Indexed

If your gallery pages in our system have been indexed by Google then they will be searchable by customers (although our system does not give any indication of page ranking)

If your gallery pages have not been crawled or indexed it may be for one or more reasons :-

  • Google isn't aware of your galleries yet - so promote your links on blogs, pinterest etc.
  • Google is aware but hasn't yet got round to crawling them 
  • Google has crawled your galleries but hasn't indexed them or products in them (eg content or duplication issues)

Please note that the link only checks for your product gallery pages on our system in Google. It does not check for your products in your Zazzle store.


We have endeavoured to design all galleries and their product pages with responsive media in mind, although some idiosyncrasies across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop screen may remain. 

Our Gallery is conceptually based on Zazzle Store Builder, created and published by Zazzle. Zazzle Store Builder reads public RSS data and formats it for presentation. Our implementation is a little more sophisticated.  

If you have any queries or would like to give us feedback please use the ' Contact Us '  link at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

We are an independent affiliate receiving royalties from merchants and companies whose products and services we sell on this site. We promote quality products and gifts created by talented artists, designers and merchants to suit your lifestyle, to match your home decor and to promote your business. Browse and buy gifts for family, friends and your business, celebrate weddings, holidays and other special events, or support your community cause.
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