Irish Wedding Theme

Celtic Snake Theme 

An Irish Wedding theme that features an ancient celtic motif of a golden snake on a dark green background. All items are fully customizable. 

irish wedding bridesmaid button with golden snake

Celtic Golden Snake on Dark Green Bridesmaid Button

This button or badge features the celtic motif of a coiled golden snake on a dark green background with the text 'Bridesmaid' for use in an Irish themed wedding. Change the text to other roles - Maid of Honor, Best Man, VIP, MC. The background color can also be changed.

irish wedding save the date postcard with golden snake

Celtic Golden Snake Save the Date Irish Wedding Postcard

Announce the wedding with a Save the Date postcard whose text and background color can be personalized.

irish wedding save the date magnet with a gold snake on dark green

Ancient Celtic Snake Save the Date Magnet for an Irish Wedding 

Personalize with the date of the wedding and the couple's name

irish wedding reception table place number postcards with ancient celtic motif of gold snakes on dark green

Golden Snake on Dark Green Irish Wedding Reception Table No Postcards

Use these table number postcards for your Irish themed wedding reception. The text and the background color can be changed. Additional information can be printed on the back of the postcard.

irish wedding matching postage stamps for the gold snakes on dark green design

Matching Postage with Celtic Golden Snake on Dark Green

The background color can be changed with the Customize It button and you can personalize with your own text.

irish golden snake on green tote bag, keychain and belt buckles as Irish wedding gifts

Wedding Gifts with this Celtic Irish Golden Snake Theme 

Cliffs of Moher Irish Wedding Theme 

vintage irish wedding cliffs of moher save the date postcards

Cliffs of Moher Save the Date Postcard

Save the Date postcards whose background features a vintage color print of the Cliffs of Moher overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Co Clare, Ireland, circa 1890.

Easy to customize and personalize for a wedding with an Irish or Celtic theme. Replace the text with your own planned wedding details and use the Customize it button for further personalization.

More Irish Wedding Themes

Wedding Invitations with an Irish Theme

irish wedding invitations clover shamrocks claddagh heart

More Irish Wedding Themed Invitation Cards

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