US Postage Stamps

A patriotic postage stamp with a cartoon snowman wearing a hat and holding a broom and dressed in the Stars and Stripes of the USA.


Make every seasonal mailing a special delivery with your own customized postage, perfect for the holiday season. Browse and buy purchase instantly, or customize your own sheets of postage stamps.

If you create your own stamps or customize existing designs in the Zazzle marketplace you should note that these must be approved by USPS first. This approval period can take up to 24hrs or longer so order early to avoid disappointment.

Happy Holidays Snowman Postage

US Postage stamps are only valid for use with the US Postal Service and cannot be purchased on any of Zazzle's international portals - only the main Zazzle US website which all our links on this page uses.

Zazzle custom stamps come in three sizes: large (2.5" x 1.5"), medium (2.1" x 1.3") and small (1.8" x 1.3"),  and are available in 13 different value denominations. Refer to the denominations listed on the stamp product page.

Some stationery in the Zazzle marketplace, notably cards and invitations, may have matching postage; read the product description to see if the store offers matching postage for its stationery.

This US Postage Stamp features an elderly vintage Santa Claus with long flowing white beard. He wears a blue cloak with silver stars, blue hat and white gloves. Ideal for Christmas mailing for kids.

Vintage Blue Santa with Christmas Toys 

This features an elderly vintage Santa Claus with long flowing white beard. He wears a blue cloak with silver stars, blue hat and white gloves. He carries a sack of toys on his back and holds a small toy figure in his hand.

Golden Decorated Christmas Tree Postage Stamp

Golden Decorated Christmas Tree Postage Stamp

This postage stamp features a golden Christmas tree decorated and standing on a rich red background, with the customizable text Merry Christmas which you can change to Happy Holidays or other seasonal message.

christmas candle and stars, snowman and snowflakes christmas

Seasonal Postage Stamps 

christmas tree, silent night and reindeer stamps

More Bestselling Seasonal Postage Stamps in the Zazzle Marketplace

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cute snowman postage stamps

Cute Snowman Postage Stamps

Popular Vintage Christmas Postage Stamps

vintage baby jesus nativity stamps and angels on postage stamps

Vintage and Victorian Themed Seasonal Stamps

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christian stamps angels and the three wise men

Christian Themed Christmas Postage Stamps

Star of David and Menorah on Happy Hanukkah postage stamps

Star of David and Menorah Happy Hanukkah Postage Stamps

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Dear Santa, amusing reindeer and gingerbread man funny postage stamps

Funny and Humorous Santa and Reindeer US Postage Stamps for the Holiday Season 

Business and Professional Christmas and Holiday Season Postage Stamps
polka dot tree, peace love and joy photo postage stamp for offices and businesses

Seasonal Postage for the Office, Businesses and Corporate Executives

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patriotic christmas tree, american flag stamp and flag candle christmas stamps

Patriotic American Postage Stamps

US Postage Supporting Military Troops at Christmas
soldier stocking stamp and soldier christmas stamps for military troops overseas

US Postage in Support of Military Troops On Duty at the Holidays

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