The Biggest Shark Skateboard

By Artofdanieleskridge

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The Biggest Shark Skateboard

Fully customizable The Biggest Shark Skateboard created by ARTOFDANIELESKRIDGE. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Skateboard. Style Comp 7 34.

"The Biggest Shark" Out of the murky waters emerge menacing forms. Two massive sharks prowl though beds of seaweed in prehistoric ocean shallows. A little red crab, too small for the great predators to take notice of looks up from the sandy sea floor. Continuing my series of aquatic themed paleoart, I decided to depict the biggest shark of all time: Megalodon. This was a shark four times the size of the modern Great White. If these creatures were around today and one came upon you scuba diving, it could swallow you in a single bite.

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Date Created: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:11:16 GMT