Patriotic Vintage Us Flags 1894 Christmas Card

By Digital Dreambuilder

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Patriotic Vintage Us Flags 1894 Christmas Card

Fully customizable Patriotic Vintage US Flags 1894 Christmas Card created by DIGITALDREAMBUILDER. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Card. Style Greetingcard.

This Christmas greeting card features a vintage print from 1894 in a celebration, perhaps Independence Day, with a US flag flying from the top of a building and decorating its external walls. Soldiers and civilians gather in front. A civilian holds a sign with the words 'Liberty and Union'. Inside reads 'Seasons Greetings' which you can change.

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Date Created: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 08:41:49 GMT