Cute Black And White Penguin Birthday Card

By Digital Dreambuilder

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Cute Black And White Penguin Birthday Card

Fully customizable Cute Black and White Penguin Birthday Card created by DIGITALDREAMBUILDER. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Card. Style Greetingcard.

An adult penguin standing upright. The penguin's plumage is black with flecks of white, the bird's chest white with a band of darker plumage. Patches of black surrounds the penguin's dark eyes and a patch of pink flesh at the base of the bird's beak. As penguins cannot fly their wings have evolved as flippers for swimming. This penguin is one of a family of Humboldt penguins whose natural habitat is South America. Easy to customize and personalize with your own messages.

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Date Created: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 11:49:19 GMT