Create Your Own Oval Zazzle Sticker With A Border

By Digital Dreambuilder

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Create Your Own Oval Zazzle Sticker With A Border

Fully customizable Create Your Own Oval Zazzle Sticker With A Border created by DIGITALDREAMBUILDER. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Sticker. Style Oval Sticker.

Zazzle Oval stickers are great stickers but they don't have a border. If you need to create your own designs on a sticker with an oval border then it can be difficult and time consuming to create one. The oval shaped stickers are size 4.5" x 2.7" with 4 stickers per sheet. Normally they are plain white but we've added a border to each sticker for you in this fully customizable design that will add a little more flair to the basic sticker design. The Oval sticker is easy to customize. With its built-in black border all you have to do is to add your customized and personalized text and any image that will suit. Use the Customize It to edit text font, size and color and change the background color to your choice. The text shown here is IRL ( the international letters for Ireland ) but it can be any text you like. View and buy this at international stores - Click the panel below

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Date Created: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 18:19:53 GMT