Certificate Of Achievement School College Award Poster

By Digital Dreambuilder

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Certificate Of Achievement School College Award Poster

Fully customizable Certificate of Achievement School College Award Poster created by DIGITALDREAMBUILDER. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Print. Style [10.0000,7.3333].

Certificate of Achievement - Print on Demand Certificate of achievement in high quality ultra heavy weight (120#) card stock, satin, matte or watercolor card, with options for framing. Initially set at 15 ins x 11 ins ( 38cm x 28cm) final size is customizable. The certificate is of a professional quality with script fonts, border and artwork. Although the certificate title and some elements are locked*, the certificate does allow extensive personalization in printing, with these features : (1) with a choice of different fonts, sizes and font colors (2) your school, college, University, training institution or department, or organization (3) student's name, or leave blank for completion if a discounted bulk purchase is made for issue to students on an 'as required' basis on graduation or course completion (4) expressing your own statement of competence, achievement or proficiency achieved by students (5) a statement of the course of study, program, skill or knowledge in which competence was tested and demonstrated in an examination (6) the date on which the award was conferred and the text you can use to express it, with any other information (7) the name or signature of the signatory, and his or her title (scanned signatures may be uploaded and placed on the certificate stationery) (8) a placeholder for your institution's crest, logo or seal; just remove the existing seal and add your own electronically scanned and scaled, or on receipt of your certificates. Ideal for students, schools, colleges and requiring certificated acknowledgment of skills, knowledge and learning acquired. With discount for bulk orders smaller institutions may recover the cost of certificate printing through sales to their students. Please note that the responsibility for authenticity of claims made on any certificate lies with the student or school issuing the certificate. Additional material, such as results transcripts, may be required to confirm the competence and proficiency claimed by the certificate holder after its issue, as we cannot verify the veracity of certificate claims. In placing any certificate order you absolve us of any liability connected with interpretation of the certificate holder's abilities. * The Certificate Title Certificate of Achievement is locked on this certificate. If you would prefer another certificate title of your choice please use the other Certificate template in this gallery. It provides the same flexibility in customization as above and also allows the Certificate title to be changed to a subject specific course, such as Business Studies, Marketing, Information Technology, or any other curriculum topic. View and buy this at international stores - Click the panel below Certificates in this Series

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