A Business Card And Musicians Guitar Pick

By Digital Dreambuilder

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A Business Card And Musicians Guitar Pick

Fully customizable A Business Card And Musicians Guitar Pick created by DIGITALDREAMBUILDER. Personalize this product with your own text and images (if the design allows it) and create a gift for yourself, a loved one, for your event or your business. Product Type Zazzle Profilecard. Style Skinny.

The Zazzle Skinny Indestructible Business Card is an ideal temporary substitute for a musician's plectrum. It works well as a pick for the guitar, mandolin, bouzouki or any other stringed musical instrument that is plucked lightly. Before releasing the product here in the Zazzle marketplace we tested on an acoustic guitar and mandolin as we wanted to ensure that the card could actually be used as an effective replacement for a guitar pick. We knew that the indestructible card was made of tear-proof and water-resistant synthetic materials, not paper or card, but we needed to confirm that its rigidity and flexibility properties would make it a suitable substitute for a traditional plectrum. We were not disappointed. The 'card' is flexible yet rigid and stiff enough to be used as a temporary substitute for the musician whose usual pick is not readily available, and its small compact size (3" x 1") makes it convenient to hold while playing. It won't stand up to heavy rock use but for genres requiring a lighter touch and picking out notes it will suffice as a temporary pick. The card is fully customizable on front and back with text and images. Use the Customize It button to fully customize and personalize the content. You may keep the images shown (e.g. the plectrum images on the front, the guitar and color background), remove them or replace them with your own images. Just make sure that card size 'Skinny' and paper type 'Indestructible' are selected before you place your order so that the cards' physical properties as a plectrum substitute are preserved. If you are a musician or a promoter in the music industry then a business card that can be used to play a musical instrument will be a winner. Just customize the design to re-brand, buy in bulk with discount, and give away individual cards/picks or packs in the cute free card ejector case provided with every 20 cards/picks. To view and buy this product at an international store click on the panel below Other Music and Musician Accessories On Zazzle

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Date Created: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 08:38:54 GMT