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Every pet needs a custom bowl from Zazzle!  Printed with your favorite photos, text, and designs, your pet will love these 100% ceramic bowls. Dishwasher and microwave approved, our cat and dog bowls are safe and easy to keep clean. Even humans can use them.

The ceramic bowls come in two sizes - Cat sized ( or small dog) and Dog sized (or big cat ).  The smaller dish is 25oz. 2.5” height, 5.75” diameter. The larger is 40oz. 3” height, 7” diameter.

Here is an extract from the review of one satisfied customer of a Zazzle cat bowl :

"This is the cat at the keyboard. My feeder person bought me this bowl for Christmas, even though I distinctly asked for a parakeet. It's too heavy to push all the way across the floor and too stable to turn over; even an accidental nudge down the basement stairs didn't break it -- what fun is that? Okay, it holds a lot of water. Not okay, it holds a lot of those disgusting dry bits. At least my person can keep it clean because there aren't any grooves or silly carvings...Still, the colors are clear, and no matter how much I bat it around, they don't come off. "

The reviewer awarded 4 out of 5 stars for the customized cat bowl.

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