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iPad Mini cases at Zazzle that you can customize and personalize

Custom iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Cases

Browse and shop for a custom case for your iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina Display. At Zazzle you can design your own or customize any of the cases in the Zazzle Marketplace. 

On this page we offer popular cases by Casemate, DODOcase, Powis, InaFlash and PhotoUSA (as Case Savvy) cases.

Casemate and Case Savvy are hard shell plastic cases. 

PowisDODOcases cases are hardboard covered in premium book cloth and finished with glossy laminate.
are made using traditional bookbinding techniques and covered with cloth and have a bamboo insert.

In A Flash
Covers are made with smooth white polyurethane (exterior) and grey microfiber (interior). The cover attaches to your iPad Mini with magnets to protect the screen and features a wake/sleep magnet that turns your iPad on when it opens and off when it closes. The multifunctional design of the cover allows you to fold it into a triangular stand to support the iPad in various viewing angles. 

Featured iPad Mini Cases

Cute Emperor Penguin cartoon on an iPad Mini Case

Cute Emperor Penguin iPad Mini Case 

This iPad Mini Case features a cartoon of an Emperor Penguin in three colors: a black back and wings, white front, black and white eye, and orange feet and beak. Easy to customize. Change the text, the font style, size, color and location. The background color may be also changed. 

This cute emperor iPad Mini case was recently sold on Zazzle. Here's the customer's 5 Star review.

iPad Mini Case Reviewed by Fodi on .

Very nice materials and color quality, specially the matte printing.
Print Quality: Excellent. Recommended: Yes. Shipped on time: Yes.
Rating: 5 Stars

Exotic South Pacific tribal wood carving iPad Mini case for folk art fans

South Pacific Tribal Wood Carved Pattern iPad Mini 

A fashionable and elegant iPad Mini Case with a touch of the exotic South Pacific featuring a cute pattern of circles, stars, waves and diamond shapes of a tribal wood carving of Fijian origin.

Vintage California 1850-1950 State Centennial, medieval music and fleur-de-lys patterns on iPad Mini cases

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create your own iPad Mini case at low cost

Create Your Own iPad Mini Case

Select iPad Mini, or iPad Mini for Retina display, on the product page. Select Matte or Glossy for the finish options.

Replace the placeholder image with your photo, image or graphic from your computer's hard disk. Replace the text with your own text.

Design your own iPad Mini Case with folding stand.

The multifunctional design of the cover allows you to fold it into a triangular stand to support the iPad Mini in various viewing angles,
as illustrated on this Create Your Own
In A Flash Cover.

iPad Mini Case with a translucent jellyfish glowing underwater

Bright Translucent Jellyfish Blue iPad Mini Case

This iPad Mini Case features a jellyfish floating with the underside of its umbrella shaped structure exposing its translucent organs brightly lit with a blue hue from above, close to the surface of the sea.

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Popular iPad Mini Cases At Zazzle

The Most Fashionable Girly iPad Mini Cases At Zazzle

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Follow the links below for the case style. It's easy to switch between case styles; the choices are shown on the product page.

ipad mini casemate monet steampunk olaf disney

Browse and shop for Casemate iPad Mini and Retina/iPad Mini cases

ipad mini dodocase cats herringbone yellow sunrise

Browse and shop for DODOcase iPad Mini and Retina/iPad Mini cases

ipad mini powis damask cherry blossom vintage green damask

Browse and shop for Powis iPad Mini and Retina/iPad Mini cases

ipad mini case savvy retro pink floral army camo gold polka dot monogram

Browse and shop for Case Savvy iPad Mini and Retina/iPad Mini cases

ipad mini inaflash gold polka dots grunge art kodiak bear

Browse and shop for In A Flash iPad Mini Covers

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